Passionate about Pilates and the strength and flexibility it creates in the body.
36 years in the fitness industry from teaching Jane Fonda style Aerobics in the early 90's to 16 years teaching Pilates for Backcare.
Advanced Instructor Certificate - October 2001
Pilates Practitioner and Personal Trainer REPs Level 3 - April 2005
Core Stability and Postural Assessment - January 2007
Advanced Practitioner for Back Care September 2007 - prescribing Modern Pilates for Spinal conditions:- prolapsed disc; arthritis; spondylosis; spondylolisthesis; piriformis syndrome; sciatica; Osteoporosis.
Specialist Pilates for Hip and Knee Injuries REPs 4 CYQ - June 2009
Specialist Pilates for the Older Adult REPs 16 CYQ - July 2009
Specialist Pilates for Shoulder Stability REPS 4/ CYQ - October 2009
Specialist Neuro Pilates (Parkinsons Disease, MS, Strokes, etc.) - June 2010
Anatomy Trains 1 A.P.P.I. October 2013
Freestyle Fitness Yoga Qualified Instructor 22/2/2015
Pilates for Osteoporosis 10/2015